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Outrank your competition and get more enquiries through local SEO.

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Competition for the top rankings in search engines is fierce.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plays a pivotal role in digital marketing, offering immense potential to elevate the online presence of accounting firms. For professionals in this industry, Local SEO proves to be a game-changer, enabling you to precisely target customers within your immediate geographical area. This strategic approach ensures a consistent influx of leads, including those actively seeking “accountants near me.”

To maintain your accounting practice’s relevance in today’s fiercely competitive digital landscape, prioritizing local SEO is non-negotiable. When executed effectively, it not only positions your accountancy business for enduring success but also keeps you consistently ahead of your competitors, securing your foothold in the industry’s ever-evolving landscape.


Prime Benefits of SEO
for Accounting Firms

At Websites for Accountants, we specialize in partnering with accounting firms like yours, ensuring you harness the full potential of SEO and its myriad advantages.


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On-Page SEO
for Accounting Firms

Our all-encompassing SEO strategy commences with meticulous on-page optimisation efforts, ensuring seamless website accessibility and comprehension by search engines. We employ a diverse array of techniques to enhance your site’s pages, including:

We’ll conduct a comprehensive audit of your existing website, identifying both technical and content-related impediments that may be obstructing your path to achieving higher search engine rankings. Our certified team of experts is equipped to address a spectrum of issues, ranging from broken links and redirects to missing meta tags and incorrect image formats.


Off-Page SEO
for Accounting Firms

An effective SEO campaign is more than just website improvements and keyword-rich content creation. It extends to the optimisation of your online presence. At Websites for Accountants, we excel at enhancing your entire digital landscape to unlock maximum SEO potential.

Here’s a concise overview of our off-page SEO services tailored for accounting firms and bookkeepers:

Link Building: We specialise in forging high-value connections with reputable and authoritative websites within the accounting industry. These valuable links not only enhance your ranking but also establish your dominance in the field.

Social Media Optimisation: Social media stands as a pivotal component of any robust SEO strategy. It fosters customer relationships, drives organic traffic to your website, and amplifies brand recognition. Our adept team can proficiently manage your social media profiles, consistently post relevant content, and engage with your audience to cultivate organic growth.

Reputation Management: Vigilantly monitoring your online reputation is paramount. We proactively oversee customer sentiment, swiftly address any negative reviews or feedback, and curate positive publicity to maintain your pristine online image.

These are just a few of the ways we can optimise your digital footprint, ensuring that potential customers effortlessly discover your business online. Collaboratively, we will craft a tailored SEO strategy to propel your accounting practice toward its fullest potential.


Setting Up and Optimizing Your Google Business Profile

Unlock huge growth in sales and revenue by harnessing the power of your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business).

If you’re in search of a reputable SEO agency for Accountants that can expertly set up and optimize your Google Business Profile, look no further than us. We specialise in marketing for accountants and bookkeepers, which makes us your ideal partner in this endeavor.

Our proficiency lies in crafting a captivating and technically efficient profile that authentically represents your business, streamlining customer connections. Our team of SEO experts excels in optimising your profile with the right keywords and compelling content, ensuring that you are the go-to choice whenever someone searches for a accounting provider in your local practice area.

Our Google Business Profile optimisation services include:

We fully understand the challenges busy business owners face in keeping pace with Google’s evolving platform. That’s precisely why our team stands ready to ensure you remain up-to-date and fully leverage all available features, maximising the performance of your Google Business Profile.

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